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Dogu Pres continues its journey to excellence for a sustainable future with the prizes it has received. In the month of April, Dogu Pres received the Bursa EFQM Excellence Award as well as was deemed worthy of Recognized for Excellence 5 Star at the 26th Quality Symposium in Istanbul. Dogu Pres, which produces diesel and gasoline injector parts to the automotive industry, is also making preparation for the industrial revolution called Industry 4.0 with its infrastructure and technological investments.


Producing diesel and gasoline injector parts for global customers, Dogu Pres' product range also includes sealing washers, turned parts, injector body and injector parts. Dogu Pres is investing about 5 million Euros every year mainly in machinery and technology. Adapting to technological developments, fast reaction ability, understanding of quality, competitiveness and being solution oriented are among the points that emphasize Doğu Pres. Doğu Pres crowns its production success with the awards received.


General Manager of Dogu Pres Erdal Elbay stated, 'As they are continuing their journey of excellence, the Excellence award aims to encourage institutions and organizations to work on quality and give them a new management model for a sustainable future. As the Dogu Pres family, we also work with long-term and sustainable future goals by demonstrating our quality, technology, perfect planning and rapid solution ability. Due to our ability to do business at an international level, we are at the top of long-term strategic cooperation with Global companies. We have always been rewarded for our efforts with successful customer audits and high customer satisfaction.'


Elbay, added, 'We are very proud of the added value we provide to the sector and to our country.'