"Passion for Perfection"

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To be the first preferred brand in precise toleranced products and components until 2023.



We produce precise toleranced products with perfect designs with passion.


We act in accordance with stakeholder satisfaction.

We follow technology and innovation closely.

We have profitable and long-term growth targets.


Doğu Pres, in the light of its mission and vision is influenced by these Basic Skills as it heads towards the future it desires.


Precision, excellent design and production skills;

Analyzes customer expectations accurately and provides perfect solutions.


Renovation, learning and application skills;

By following the technology closely, we find innovative solutions and apply them.


Ability to adapt and flexibility skills;

Due to flexibility of the Doğu Pres, we are able to quickly adapt to customer expectations.

Competition, marketing and communication skills;

Doğu Pres knows their stakeholders well, and they carry out long-term and solution-oriented collaborations thru strong communication ability.



Customer focus;

By understanding the mutual needs, we offer fast and constructive solutions.


Common mind superiority;

Each of our employees is our most important factor and our strategic partner. We work with the synergy created by the DP employees.

Trust, respect and honesty;

Trust, respect and honesty is the most important priority in relations with all our stakeholders.

Continuous development;

We make a difference by increasing our technology, knowledge and experience.