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Our Process Skills



Fineblanking presses; cutting, drilling, forming and sequential stamping operations can be carried out.

Up to 90% of shear surface can be obtained from the part without tearing

With special applications, serial production can be carried out with fine-tolerances. C45, C60, C75 and stainless materials are produced.


Our grinding processes can be product-specific grinding on both sides and unilaterally. It is possible to work in parallelism and flatness at a micron level and with a thickness margin of 0,02 mm.

In our lapping processes; surface can be processed up to Ra 0.1 precision surface parameters and at a thickness margin of 0.001 mm is possible. The product can be caught in 1-5 micron value in double sided parallel depending on product variety.

After the grinding and lapping processes, deburring processes can be used for deburring and chamfering of our products.



In addition to single-spindle CNC machines, automat, stainless steel alloys and aluminum materials, hard plastic materials (PEEK) and forged semi-finished materials can be processed in CNC mills with Six and Eight Spindles.

Robot feed and unloading, 3 turrets 2 mirrors CNC workbenches, ø4 mm to ø65 mm milden production as well as forged semi-finished products can be processed. Milling operations are performed on the lathe using the 'C' axis.


On the workbenches there is the ability to drill deep holes on lathe parts at precision tolerances. High pressures as high as 80 bara is used.


In our machines using automatic shaft feed and unload systems, automatic tool life and load controls are used.


The tools can be measured in 3D and are managed with an automated tool management system.



Turning, milling and such processing of injector bodies made of forged semi-finished products or bar materials are performed using special equipment. Automatic feeding and unloading machines are used, and the transfer of parts between machines can be done with the help of robots. On the workbenches, automatic SPC follow-up as well as 100% measurement of critical dimensions can be tracked using a special measurement system placed on the machine outlets. With 5 axis and double mirror machining centers, deep hole drilling operations can be performed at a 180-bar pressure.  Part measurements can be carried out on three-dimensional measuring machines to measure and track machine proficiency all-in-one with specially developed programs. Particular processes are designed with specially developed washing and focused greasing machines.



With 18-station special transfer workbenches, precise position and diameter tolerance of parts can be drilled. In a single connection, vertical and angled holes can be drilled on the upper and lower surfaces of the part and the tools can operate at 24.000 rpm.

The 4-axis CNC process centers also allow processing on the double surfaces of the parts that include drilling and milling. Ø1.5 mm milling tools are used with high precision. With special binding fixture designs, 48 parts are processed at once.


As threading can be performed with thread rolling process by placing the part on the CNC turning machine, it can also be performed on the thread rolling machine as fully automated and semi-automated.  Error prevention systems have been designed for the process.


Part-specific automation systems are available within our company.

ECM (Electrochemical Debburing)

With ECM process, deburring can perform in single and multiple bonding at the intersection areas on the inner parts of the parts. Up to Ø0,65 mm hole diameter can be processed.