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Doğu Pres was founded in 1989, in Bursa. Mostly providing its services to the sub-industry enterprises in Bursa until 1993, Doğu Pres started manufacturing adjusting washers in 1994, and since then, it has become a supplier to the global client Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch), thanks to its investments in corporate development, technology, and infrastructure. Due to its high-quality and successful supply performance, Doğu Pres became the first and only supplier of Bosch to start delivering products with no quality control at the entrance on the client's side in 1997. Having started its industrial journey in 1989 with the first workbench, the eccentric press, followed by the second, the guillotine shears, the company has achieved prominence today by becoming the "Preferred Global Supplier" in its field of expertise.
Doğu Pres is a global player in the highly-competitive automotive industry. With the experience accumulated over the years of deploying and developing various operations, Doğu Pres produces injectors and pump component parts for client lines by using rolled and wrought sheet metal raw materials in accordance with the technical drawings, standards and customer specifications.
Operating on an area stretching 12.000 square meters, Doğu Pres earns the 80% of its revenue from exports. From the US to Japan, Doğu Pres delivers more than 30 clients in 18 countries. In addition, the company's products are used on approximately 18,000,000 vehicles worldwide each year. In the European market, the main countries are Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic; in the Asian market the main countries are India, China, and South Korea; while the US and Brazil constitute the American market of the company.
In 2017, the company started building its R&D department. We are planning to become active in the process and product design to provide our clients with more effective services. At Doğu Pres, we consider the R&D activities as our leverage to strongly move towards 2023.

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With over 30 years of experience, we are producing at micron-level precision to provide services to global automotive giants.
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