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R&D Center

R&D Strategy, Research Priorities and Fields of Research

It is possible to summed up the research strategies followed in Doğu Pres R&D Center, started being constituted in 2018 and certified in 2019 by ministry of Industry and Technology, in 7 main topics while R&D priorities and fields of research can be categorized in 3 main topics. Those topics are shown in the schemas below.

Doğu Pres R&D Strategies

Doğu Pres R&D Priorities and Fields of Research

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Studies

Solidworks program is utilized for three-dimensional (3D) modelling studies carried out in design phase of the R&D projects aiming at development of product, production-process with the machinery and equipment needed (machining tools and dies, components of machines and automation systems, etc.). Besides, AutoCad program is used in two-dimensional (2D) drawings of parts.

Validation of Designs and Processes through Numerical Analyses

Finite-element analyses are utilized in design validation phase of R&D projects and Ansys Mechanical program is used for that aim. On the other hand, using Ansys Fluent program, the analyses of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on the finite-volume method are carried out for simulation of processes including heat and flow with different characteristics (compressible, incompressible, laminar, turbulent, heat-conductive, free-surface, etc.).

Simufact program is used in numerical analyses for validation of various manufacturing processes such as sheet metal forming, bulk forming and forging, fine blanking, etc. and the heat treatments by finite-element method and optimization of die designs and processes parameters considering material properties.

Cooperation with Universities

In the R&D projects carried out, importance is given to establishment of effective and permanent cooperation with universities. In this context, a number of project-based cooperation agreement were made with the faculty members of Bursa Technical University, Bursa Uludağ University, and Sabancı University. It is aimed to expand that network with faculty members working at different universities.


In respect of the Procedure for Management of Intellectual Property Rights, prepared in compliance with the relevant legislation, all the studies for protection of the inventions arising in R&D projects by registration are carried out at R&D Center. The inventor personnel, as well as the R&D personnel who take part in registration process of the inventions, are rewarded according to the Recognition and Appreciation Instruction of company.

Scientific Papers

One of the targets of R&D Center is producing scientific papers from the R&D projects carried out. The R&D personnel referenced as authors in those papers are rewarded according to the Recognition and Appreciation Instruction of company. The papers produced are listed below.

Çiçek, C., Erhuy, C.G., Kinagu, H.M., Efe, N. and Saray, O., (2020). “Effect of Die Profile Geometry on Fine-Blanking Ability of High-Strength Stainless Steel Sheets with Extremely Limited Plasticity Properties”, Journal of Machinery Design and Manufacturing, 18 (1): 37-45. (Published in Turkish on www.dergipark.org.tr)

Deniz, G. ve Kınagu, H.M., (2021). “A Model Application for Reduction of the Wastes Causing Soil Pollution by Using Environmental Management System in Automotive Industry”, XIV. National Congress of Agricultural Economy, İzmir. (Postponed to 2021, to be presented in Turkish.)