"Passion for Perfection"

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Doğu Pres has laboratories where dimensional measurements and cleaning analyzes of products, semi-finished products and raw materials are conducted.

In the Quality Measurement Laboratories measurements stated below are carried out; 

·        Geometric measurements with ±1 μm uncertainty with probe, camera and laser sensor dimensional control devices,

·         Thickness measurements with tolerance of ±0,5 μm using special control equipment,

·         Form measurements at 0.2 μm uncertainty and all roughness and flatness measurements at 0.05 μm uncertainty


Primary control devices are;

·        Coordinate Measuring Devices

·         Contour Profile Scanning Devices

·         Form Measuring Devices

·         Flatness Measuring Devices

·         Roughness Measuring Devices

·         Profile Projection

·         Hardness Measuring Devices

·         Coating Thickness Measuring Devices

·         Multisensory Measuring Devices


The user effect minimized with the CNC programming features.

Cleaning Analysis Laboratory


In the automotive sector where parts cleaning criteria are important, the washing processes are controlled by analyzing the metal, fiber and other particles residue on the parts of the finished products according to VDA16/ ISO 16232 standards, dimensionally and quantitatively with a precision of 2 μm.


The traceability, calibration and the evaluation of calibration results of all control equipment used in the company are monitored by the SAP program. All control equipment’s are calibrated at external laboratories within the scope of accreditation. Design and startup of semi-automatic or fully automatic control equipment for multi-sensor (air, probing, camera, etc.) parts is performed.