To become one of the top-5 high-precision metal part design and production suppliers in the EU market.


We produce integrated precision metal parts for the global automotive sector with high-technology in accordance with the client systems.

We approach all stakeholders and environment with the same degree of sensibility.

Fundamental Skills

Moving towards a desirable future in light of its mission and vision, Doğu Pres relies on the following fundamental skills.

Precise, excellent design and production skills:
Doğu Pres accurately analyze the client’s expectations and comes up with perfect solutions.

Innovative learning and application skills:
Doğu Pres closely monitors the technological developments, comes up with and applies innovative solutions.

Adaptability and flexibility:
Doğu Pres quickly adapts to client expectations with its flexibility.

Competitiveness, marketing and communication skills:
Being familiar with its stakeholders, Doğu Pres establishes long-term and solution-oriented collaborations with strong communication skills.

Our Values

Customer-oriented approach:
Understanding the mutual needs, we offer fast and constructive solutions.

Virtue of shared wisdom:
We consider each employee the most critical factor of our success and a strategical partner. We act in unison with the synergy generated between the DP employees.

Trust, respect, and honesty:
We prioritize trust, respect, and honesty in all relationships with the stakeholders.

Continuous development:
We make difference by developing technology, know-how, and experience.

Accountability and sustainability:
We take responsible steps towards reaching our goals as a company, ensuring sustainable success.