Quality Laboratories

Quality Laboratory Measurement Capabilities

Doğu Pres has laboratories in which dimensional measurements and cleanliness analyses of finished products, semi-products, and raw material are conducted.

Among the works conducted at the Quality Measurement Laboratories are;

  • Geometrical measurements within ±1 µm deviation range with probes, cameras, and measurement control devices with laser sensors.
  • Thickness measurements within ±0,5 µm tolerance with special control equipment.
  • Form measurements within 0.2 µm deviation range as well as all roughness and flatness measurements within 0.05 µm deviation range. Primary control devices are:
  • Coordinate Measurement Devices
  • Contour Profile Scanning Devices
  • Form Measurement Devices
  • Flatness Measurement Devices
  • Roughness Measurement Devices
  • Profile Projection
  • Hardness Measurement Devices
  • Coating Thickness Measurement Devices
  • Multi-Sensor Measurement Devices
    With the CNC programing features in devices, the user effect has been minimized.

Cleanliness Analysis Laboratory

Considering that the cleanliness of the parts is critical in the automotive industry, the washing processes on the finished products are closely monitored by performing analyses per the VDA16 / ISO 16232 standards in terms of the remaining metal, fiber, and other particles on the parts depending on dimensions and quantity with 2 µm precision.


The traceability, calibration, and calibration result assessments of all controlling equipment at the company are monitored by the SAP software. Independent, accredited laboratories calibrate every controlling equipment of the company. Design and start-up works of semi-automatic or fully-automated, multi-sensor (air, probe, camera, etc.) part-specific controlling equipment are performed.